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The Russian Chamber Orchestra of Barnaul

Aleksey Kuznecov

    Alexey Kuznetsov is the honoured artist of the Russian Federation and the art director of Russian Chamber Orchestra of Barnaul. Alexey Kuznetsov's name is well known to the Barnaul connoisseurs of music. Having arrived upon termination of Novosibirsk conservatory of a name of Glinka to Barnaul, Alexey Kuznetsov worked as the musical head of ensemble "The Youth", four years he headed an orchestra of dancing ensemble "Sparks", and in 1993 has organised and has headed Russian Chamber Orchestra of a city of Barnaul. For years of fruitful work on a path of musical creativity Alexey Kuznetsov is awarded by the letter of thanks of the mayor, the certificate of honour of the Central Committee of Komsomol, and its child - Russian Chamber Orchestra, became the winner of the first municipal award in 1995. Each musician of an orchestra is awarded exclusive silver Bachs medal by a festival in Salzburg of 1977. During the last years Alexey Kuznetsov considers as the main achievement preservation of collective and creative growth of the Orchestra.

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