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The Russian Chamber Orchestra of Barnaul

Russian Chamber Orchestra of Barnaul

    The winner of the municipal award of 1995 Russian Chamber Orchestra of Barnaul is one of the best professional musical collectives of Siberia. From the first years of its existence, the Russian Chamber Orchestra is a pride subject of citizens and its concert activity is the decoration of a musical life of the regional centre. The Orchestra is known and favourite not only in the city, but also in the Altai region. The Russian Chamber Orchestra of Barnaul has solid experience of successful tour activities in Russia, countries of Western Europe and Asia.

    There are the priority directions in collective work: educational activities, maintaining domestic cultural traditions, submission to the general public, Barnaul masterpieces of world musical culture and promoting the achievements of Russian performing schools abroad. The unique structure of Russian Chamber Orchestra allows it to solve almost any creative task. At rather small quantitative structure (15 musicians) all nuances of soundings are accessible to the orchestra - from chamber-transparent to sated and powerful.

    Russian chamber orchestra is capable to execute products of different genres and styles. In his repertoire are well-represented processing of Russian national songs and folk tunes, folklore of nations of the world, the Russian and foreign classics, products of the modern domestic composers, popular melodies.

    There are the professionals of the highest level work in the Orchestra. More than half of the artists of Russian Chamber Orchestra - Oksana Bayeva (Domra), Ljamiga Halitova (Domra), Dmitry Zuev (Balalayka), Berik Bajzhanov (Guitar), Maxim Popadych (flute, zhaleika), Sviatoslav Kuznetsov (Oboe, Saxophone, zhaleika), Vadim Grigorenko (clarinet), Oleg Vasiliev (psaltery) are the leading soloists.

    Russian Chamber Orchestra co-operates with outstanding soloists-vocalists: the national actor of the USSR Leonid Smetannokov, national actress of the Russian Federation Tatiana Vorozhtsova, the national actor of Russian Federation Vladimir Yefimov and other well-known performers.

    The orchestra conducts active concert activity. The orchestra gives dozens of concerts each year for inhabitants of Barnaul and visitors of the regional centre, Barnaul and its guests, for veterans, for young people, and the youngest part of the audience. The merits of the orchestra and its best musicians were repeatedly marked by Letters of thanks of the Mayor of Barnaul.

    The Russian Chamber Orchestra of Barnaul acted in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, repeatedly went on tour abroad. The Orchestra performances in cities of Germany, Austria, the Peoples Republic of China, Spain used tremendous success.

    The art director and the conductor of Russian chamber orchestra since 1993 on the present is the founder of collective - the honoured artist of the Russian Federation Alexey Kuznetsov.

2009 The Russian Chamber Orchestra of Barnaul
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