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Russian and foreign music

Pop music Classic

 S. Joplin "The Ragtime Dance"
 K. Velasquez "Besame Mucho"
("Kiss me more strong")
 J. Kuznetsov "A lilac fog"
 D. Ortiz "Ricercar"
 I. Shahov, V. Kravchuk "Dancing
paraphrases on Chaplin's themes"
 "The Irish dance D-major"
 "The Irish dance A-minor"
 J. Rutter "Rondo Capriccioso"
 Japanese national song "At the
Dark Blue Sea"
 J. Pronin "Cucaracha"
 "Los Lobos" A song of robbers
from the film "Desperado"
 "Lezginkas of the People of Caucasus"
 "Rondo Veneziano"
 M. Teodorakis "Sirtaki"
 P. Moria "Minuet"
 P. Moria "Toccata"
 A. Piazzolla "Oblivion"
 A. Piazzolla "Ave Maria"
 A. Piazzolla "Libertango"
 "Gipsy Flame" from group "Armik"
 H. Giraud "Sous le ciel de Paris"
("Under the sky of Paris")
 G.M. Rodriguez "La Cumparsita"
 Z. Abreu "The Brazilian carnival"
 "Variations on melodies of Greece"
 L. Bonfa "The Gentle Rain"
 E. Stoutz "Chicken Dance"
 E. Satie "Gymnopaedia"
 R. Gomes "Romance"
 P. Lucia "Rio Ancho"
 L. Brouwer "Danza del Altiplano"
"Dance In the Mountains")
 M. Tariverdiev "Irony of Fate"
 V. Youmans "Tea. For Two"
from the musical ""No, No, Nanette"
 A. Amelichkin "The Melodies of Last Years"
 G. Gershwin "Summertime".
Claras lullaby from the opera
"Porgy and Bess"
 J. Morel "Romance Creollo"
 B. Whelan "Andalucia"
 B. Whelan "Firedance"
 "The Fox"
 "The Spanish march"
 A. Varlamov "The Red Sundress"
 V. Cosma "The Fugitives"
 G. Martinez "Caballos Blancos"
("The White Horses")
 A. Kozlov "Nostalgia"
 "Gipsy Kings" "Inspiration"
 "Gipsy Kings" "Love and Liberty"
 R. Cocciante "Belle" from the musical
"Notre-Dame de Paris"
 F. Lai "Theme From Love Story"
 English Ballad "Green Sleeves"
 P. Roch "The Cuban Dance"
 M. Legran "The Lilac Waltz"
 A. Amelichkin "Old Women"
 S. Foster "The Lazy Cowboy"
 "Gipsy Kings" "Passion"
 G. Michael "Careless Whisper"
 E. Morricone "Gabriel's Oboe"
 B. Kaempfert "Strangers In the Night"
 G. Fore "Pavana"
 P. Martin "The Prelude"
 P. Martin "Mixing"
 P. Martin "The Reef"
 "Gipsy Kings" "Galaxia"
 "Variations on melodies of Rossini"
 E. Morricone "Once Upon a Time
in America"
 L. Bonfa "The Autumn Songs of Rains"
 V. Zinchuk "Lolita"
 The Pole "The Grandfather"
 M. Theodorakis "The Quarter of Angels"
 "The New Year's Potpourri"
 K. Gardel "Por Uno Cabeza"
"For One Head")
 D. Ellington "Caravan"
 S. Bechet "Petite Fleur"
"The Small Flower")
 G. Breyer "The Heap of Fire Wood"
 A. Tsygankov "Padespan"
 A. Tsygankov "Two-Step"
 A. Tsygankov "Mardjandja"
 A. Tsygankov "Dunja held a perevoz"
 P. Sarasate "Romance Andalouse"
 A. Vivaldi "The Concert 3 part 4"
 N. Paganini "Venetian carnival"
 The Andalucian Gipsys Song "El Vito-Vito"
 J.S. Bach S. Guno "Ave Maria"

 L. Allan "Fire of Heart"
 I. Albeniz "Asturias"
 T. Albinoni "Adagio"
 A. Amelichkin "The Potpourri on Themes of Operettas of J. Rossini"
 L. Anderson "The Trifle"
 J.S. Bach "Sonata 4"
 J.S. Bach A. Marcello "Concerto in D-minor for Oboe With the Orchestra"
 J.S. Bach "Scherzo"
 J.S. Bach "Minuet"
 J.S. Bach "The Aria from the Suite 3"
 J.S. Bach "From the Earth to Heavens"
 J. Brahms "Hungarian dance 1"
 J. Brahms "Hungarian dance 3"
 J. Brahms "Hungarian dance 4"
 J. Brahms "Hungarian dance 5"
 J. Brahms "Hungarian dance 17"
 J. Brahms "Hungarian dance 21"
 J. Brahms "Hungarian dance"
 J. Brahms "Hungarian dance"
 G. Bizet R. Shedrin
"The Overture to the Opera "Carmen"
 G. Bizet R. Shedrin "The Dance"
 G. Bizet R. Shedrin "The farandole"
 G. Bizet "Adagio"
 V. Bibergan "Aria"
 L. Boccherini "Introduction and Fandango"
 A. Vivaldi "Concerto for Two Oboes"
 A. Vivaldi "Sonata for an Oboe
with the Orchestra"
 H. Villa-Lobos "Bachianas Brasileiras"
 V. Gavrilin "Tarantella" from the ballet "Anjuta"
 V. Gavrilin "The March" from the ballet "Anjuta"
 G.F. Handel "The Arrival Of The Queen Of Sheba"
 G.F. Handel "Sarabanda and Allegro"
 E. Granados "The Spanish Dance 5"
 E. Grieg "Norwegian Dance A-major"
 F. Gossec "The Tambourine"
 J. Hummel "Adagio and Variations"
 C. Gluck "The Melody" from
the opera "Orpheus and Eurydice"
 A. Dvorak "Slavonic Dance 2"
 A. Dvorak "Slavonic Dance 7"
 A. Dvorak "Slavonic Dance 8"
 F. Kreisler "Syncopation"
 A. Lara "Granada"
 V.A. Mozart "The Turkish March"
 V.A. Mozart "Adajio"
 V.A. Mozart "Minuet"
 V.A. Mozart "Andante"
 F. Mendelssohn "Scherzo"
 C. Pugni - "Fad-gorbunok"
(the Fragment from the ballet)
 M. Ravel "Pavane for a Dead Princess"
 J. Rodrigo "Villano y Ricercare"
 J. Rodrigo "Aranjuez"
 G. Rossini "Tarantella Napolitana"
 G. Sviridov "Romance"
 G. Sviridov "Waltz"
 G. Sviridov "The Military March"
 G. Sviridov "The Three"
 G. Sviridov "The Pastoral"
 B. Smetana "Die Moldau"
 J. Strauss "Perpetuum Mobile"
 J. Strauss "You and you"
 J. Strauss "Voices of Spring"
 J. Strauss "Polka-Jockey"
 J. Strauss "Demolition Men"
 J. Strauss "Klipp-Klapp Galopp"
 J. Strauss "Radetsky March"
 J. Strauss "The Smith"
 F. Schubert "Barcarola"
 F. Schubert "Polonaise"
 D. Shostakovich "The Waltz-joke"
 F. Chopin "Variations
on Rossini's themes"
 A. Hachaturyan "The Sabre dance"
 P. Tchaikovsky "The March"
from the Ballet "The Nutcracker"
 D. Cimaroza "Concerto in C-major
for Oboe With the Orchestra"
 F.C. Milano "Canzona"
 "Concert Spanish Melody"
 G.B. Viotti "Minuets"
 L.M. Gottschalk "Tarantella"
 E. Granados "The Spanish Dance 2"
 J. Strauss "Tales from the Vienna Woods"
 A. Arensky "Fantasia on Themes of Ryabinin"
 G. Puccini "Nessun Dorma"
 E. Morricone "Nella Fantasia"
 J. Rodrigo "Folias Canarias"
 J. Offenbach "The Ouverture" from
the Opera "Orpheus in the Underworld"
 S. Vasilenko "The Eastern Dance"
 J. Demersseman "Three Brilliant"
 G. Rossini "The New Year's Potpourri"
 J.S. Bach "Adagio"

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